Glitter and Wine: Two of my Favorite Things!

Stunning glittered wine bottle


glitter-splash-zoneI was recently at a wine party.  You know, kinda like a Tupperware party but with wine.  Part of the proceeds go to charity so it’s a good thing.  But anyway…they had glittered bottles of wine for sale and of course, me being me, I automatically said, “I can do that”.

BTW, I love glitter.  I like to use it on cards, in jewelry, on cupcakes (edible of course), on clothes, in jars, on banners, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Did you know that approximately 10,000,000 pounds of glitter was purchased between the years of 1989 and 2009 alone.  That’s a lot of glitter!

These wine bottles will make great gifts for the holidays or celebrations.  You could also use them as a festive center piece for a party or as a fun wine to have with popcorn.  Really?  Do we need an excuse for glittery wine?

Here is what you will need:

  • Wine

    Here are most of the items you will need
  • Glitter
  • Royal Coat, Mod Podge, or other brush on glue
  • Sponge brush
  • Paper plate or other glitter catcher
  • Bristle brush
  • Sticky notes or low-tac masking tape
  • Gloss sealer
  • Scissors





Here’s the how to:

Wipe down your wine bottle to clean ‘er up.

Mask off the foil and labels with the sticky notes or low-tac masking tape.

Mask off where you don't want glitter
Mask the foil and the labels

Apply brush on glue of choice all over the bottle.  Be sure to wipe away from the masking so glue doesn’t sneak underneath.

apply the glue
Apply your glue with the sponge brush

Sprinkle the glitter over the wet glue as you hold the bottle over the plate.  Spin the bottle (hee hee) for an even coat.

sprinkle glitter
Sprinkle the glitter over the wet glue

Once you feel your bottle is nicely covered with glitter, set it aside to fully dry.

Once dry, lightly brush off the excess glitter with the bristle brush.

Brush off excess glitter
Lightly brush off any excess glitter


Spray with 2 coats of the gloss sealer to keep the glitter from coming off.  Your friends will thank you.

Spray with sealer
Spray with 2 coats of gloss sealer

Take off the masking and viola!

Glitter wine bottle
A glittered wine bottle makes a great gift!

Craft on!

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