So you think you can craft?

Everyone has a little craftiness in them!  Working at a craft store I hear all the time, “I’m not crafty”.  Au contraire! You just haven’t found your inner crafty yet.

What does it mean to craft or be crafty?  For me, being crafty is creating.  How can I take an ordinary object or a few pieces of stuff and make it into something special or cool?  That’s what I love.

If you are trying to find your inner crafty, start small.  Figure out what you like.  Maybe it’s paper and glue or maybe it’s beads.  Don’t expect to create an heirloom masterpiece your first time out, you are only setting yourself up to be disappointed and frustrated.  Remember, crafting is supposed to be fun!

There has actually been studies that show crafting is a great stress reliever.  This one is from CNN which makes me seem smart to put it in here.   I say to these studies, “no duh” and why has no one asked me to do a crafting study.  How fun would that be?

So it’s no big secret that I love to craft.  I am what we call in the biz, a multi-crafter.  I do it all or at least pretty close and I have the best craft room in the world.  (or crap room as my husband calls it)

A few years back, I had a craft room but always found myself creating at the dinning room table.  My room was such a mess!  and so my dinning room was a mess too!

For my Christmas gift, my hubs gave me a craft room makeover.  Best. Gift. Ever.

I decided on a system from the container store.  Highly recommend it!  Now everything has a place.  The flow is great and everything is in reach or close.

Craft room
This is where the magic happens

Love it.  Love it.  Love it.

Full disclosure…there are boxes of crafts still in the guest room.

I am excited to share my passion for creating with you.  If you ever have a crafting question, please do not hesitate to ask!



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