Crazy Cat Lady Stuff

Viva the Crazy Cat Lady!

This little bed can only hold one kitten now and it overflows!

Here’s a little story I like to tell

About two cute kitties you know so well

It started way back in history

with a super tiny Gus and a sweet Chachi!

Gus and Chachi rescued me in 2009.

A friend found them abandoned on her farm when they were only about a week old.  Poor little babies!  One of her friends took them in and fostered them until they were about four weeks old.

The original plan was that I was going to get a little boy kitten that I had already named “Chachi”.  (not Chachi from Happy Days but more from “Hey! Chachi! What’s up?”)

When I got to the farm to take Chachi home, there were two kittens.  The other kitten’s arrangements had fallen through.  Lucky me!!!  But what shall we call him?  One look at that face and I knew it was “Gus” short for Guster from the TV show Psych.

The vet couldn’t believe how healthy they were for being so tiny.  It was then it was also discovered that Chachi was actually a girl!

and that is how it all started…Viva the Crazy Cat Lady!

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